finally. home.

is okuyanboga a trustworthy site?

yes, yes it is. and i know this because i work on it, check it out: it's a sweet gig for me, as well as being a real cool shop to buy books. i don't know, i'm really proud of working with them and i never share ... read more

i hate the new slack logo and so should you

how can slack be comfortable with changing this iconic logo to this atrocity? I am honestly contemplating uninstalling slack just so i don't see this thing. Oh and by the way there's this to consider: also, this alternative was shared to the comments on slack's logo redesign announcement on twitter ... read more


there once was this man who was sweet it was sickly. he would help the poor, the rich and the inbetweens. he was cool with everyone, and they with him - to me he was a person always ripe, show me another example and i'll accept that as normal. he ... read more

200 words a day? why not

so i discovered a website called and I have to say it's a pretty good idea. I suppose I can say it's a mix between github and twitter. it's a bit like github in that you have a streak-box (I don't know what the fuck that's called actually, ... read more

so i'm back on the oxygen

It has me breathing again, I can see clearly again. Not what they’d call happiness, but not sadness no not at all. It might be remembered as a good few days, weeks, months. Might not even crash this time. Who am I kidding? Coffee? Tea? Let’s hit that oxyg... read more