four legitimate websites to make money (in browser)

October 8th, 2018

There are so many websites out there that claim you can make thousands of dollars online within a day. The web savvy among us know that that s all bullshit. However, it actually is possible to make money online if you know where to look. I m sure there are hundreds of sites out there that allow you to make money online

I can think of Upwork, Freelancer and fiverr off the top of my head but what if you wanted to log in from your browser as if you were logging into Facebook and just start making bank then and there from within your browser? Well, there are sites like that too! And I ve been tinkering with a few of them. Unlike a lot of the other sites out there that just compile a massive list of sites and come up with bullshit reviews €¦ I ve actually been using these sites for a month or so and I ll be testing more methods and sites to make money online and add them to the (new) Online section of Make Money Young as I go, so stay tuned for those too! I ll probably write at most one article a month like this as I like to actually make a few dollars just to prove that it s actually possible, but you re here to learn how to make money online from within your browser, right? So here you go

Here are four websites that I ve actually made money off of, so you can get cracking with them right away! Making money from within your browser with these sites is 100% totally possible and you can take that to the bank


Why it existsh3 Website owners get a glimpse in to how people use their site, where new users might get confused and how it could be better optimized. And they pay you for that.

How it works

You download a software after signing up and it records your screen, follows your cursor and where you click along with your keystrokes to fully understand how you use the site. You always speak as you re using the site (you re prompted to do that and it s one of the requirements). You won t be working any more than 15-20 minutes per session and your face is not recorded, making
it pretty breezy and comfortable

Who can join

Everyone can join, but it s pretty hard to get tasks. You get paid $10-$15 per job, so who knows how much the website owners pay usertesting, which means they probably only want around 100 tests done each time. You need to be quick and you should have the full array of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) if you want to get at least one task every few days

How well it pays

The usual test pays $10 but your first sample video pays nothing. Sometimes you get the random short test (~5 minutes) which pay around $5

Ease of Use


Why it exists

YouEye s Experience Analytics Platform means that large companies looking to make a splash in the online world can prepare a website design fit for users across the board. User behavior and critiques are taken into account in this endeavor and YouEye gives these companies a platform to interact with testers
How it works

YouEye is different in that it tracks your eyes movements (hence the name YouEye) as well as your screen and audio and this captures the best data on user behavior. You install the YouEye Recorder software which boots up automatically when you access a test

You need to keep talking throughout the 10-15 minutes of testing, but not to worry they give you questions (~5 of them) and this makes it easy to have something to talk about

YouEye also loves it when you make comments on everything you see, so basically say whatever you re thinking about the site, stay on topic though.

Who can join?
Anyone who is looking to make money online, but as usual, there are more jobs for US residents

How well it pays

Each study pays $10-$12 and it s a pretty good way to make money online. Ease of Use 4


Why it exists

There are so many micro-tasks that need to be done online. If you re familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk (which isn t hiring so this is a great replacement) then you ll know what I m talking about. There are jobs like solving CAPTCHA s, Googling sites and finding them in the search results (to boost search rankings I assume) and crowd-translations and such. There are heaps more like transcriptions and writing reviews but you ll generally get the less creative ones if you spend a good deal of time on these micro-job sites

How it works

Clickworker has jobs around the clock and it s really up to you when and how much you work. You can put in a few hours a day or just for an extra hour of work when you get home. Or even 10 minutes. There s all sorts of jobs and when you sign up to a job, you only have to do the one task and you re done, you can go about your day

Who can join

Everyone! A lot of the jobs don t even require you to be fluent in EnglishGerman

How well it pays You can make a few bucks a day on your way to and from work or you can buckle down and make a shit-ton of money (well, for online in-browser jobs standards anyway). It really depends on how on-the-ball you are and the tasks that you re willing to do (some can be emreallyem tedious

Ease of Use


Why it exists is the best at finding the exact demographic that companies specify, and getting the best user behavior results meaning they get lots more jobs and more avenues to make money online for you

How it works

Again with the software but yeah, you download software that records your PC, tablet or smartphone. The software records your voice as well, and you should make as many comments and critiques as you re comfortable with to get higher ratings for your reviews. Higher ratings = more jobs. The directions vary from task to task, but they re usually find this page and where were you confused  style questions
Who can join? You can join from anywhere in the world, more jobs for Americans I ve found. There are quite a few jobs for Australia but nowhere near as much. Your only requirement is to have a Paypal account. Signup for desktop and mobile and you get way more tests than just the one

How well it paysSome user-tests offer more but you almost always get $10 per website test. Not bad, not bad at all

Ease of Use = 3