my  -  real  -  thoughts and feelings on work

December 28th, 2018

i love what I do, I really do. I just hate the people surrounding the whole career path thing I've got going on over here.
Seriously, that's my only issue.

When it comes to video work, everyone I know in that field is lazy or jobless through discipline problems. A lack of any of it. At all.
All of them aiming to be the next Kubrick without the "work" part of it.

When it comes to web work, the country I live in is so used to people ripping people off, that people approach me as if I'm selling them snake oil.

Here's what I want to tell them:

A website will, on average, take me all of four days to make. I like to make 150 TL a day if I work for the whole day. That's my comfort zone. If the site you want takes 4 days, that's 800 TL plus expenses (taxes, hosting, domain brings it up to 1000 TL total). That's 300–400 dollars including expenses.

That's a great price! Right? Well: Everyone I know in this field has mouths to feed, so they LOVE to charge thousands (5 thousand - 20 thousand) depending on how big the client thinks it should be.

I just find that practice repulsive. I charge universally. For my time, I have no expenses I'm at home! No mouths to feed either.
Anyway let's get to design.

Graphic designers are kind of up themselves, I can't make friends there. They're few and far between. They like wine. They like art. They're fun but they're… meh.

So basically I can only make friends through anything other than work. The last three good friends I've made are like that. I hate professionalism, I hate facades.

This only means that I have to make it my own way, doesn't it?

So, I have installed Ubuntu, to get away from gaming. All the web shit I need (Phpstorm, Filezilla, Pycharm, Visual Studio Code and Sublime) along with Opera, Firefox and Spotify.

It's time to work all on my own. It's time to make the same money I would in 4, but in a single day.

It's time I provided people with awesome, optimized websites and to do that in a short time.

It's time for static site generators, npm installs, and long nights alone in front of a laptop clad in purple and orange.

It's time to go it alone as a designer/developer/student/nomad than to go all out on that expensive shit.

It's time for just me and my crap.