be like bernie

If everyone were like Bernie Sanders I think the world would be a better place. If people stuck by their morals instead of their best interest; I believe we might have had a shot. I have my doubts. In any case be like Bernie… read more

cozy cottage - paladins background

i received the cozy cottage paladins background on steam, and it's such a cool background that i wanted to share it here, in case anyone else might end up enjoying it :) read more

marketable niche skills: free online resources

Niche Skills: Free Online Resources Review Have you ever wanted to just learn something for the hell of it? Are you looking for some sweet free websites where you can learn anything under the sun? Well, a site that has EVERYTHING doesn’t exist but there are a lot of si... read more

make me some digitalocean money!

I have a website over at, which is served on Digitaloceans servers (cheapest way to get Ghost up and running) and I only have $20 left on it so help me out by signing up with this link: read more

an awesome idea from a young entrepreneur

This is a spectacular example of what a young money maker can achieve if he/just takes a look at their surroundings and decides to act on what they would want to see! This is just one of many innovative ideas for kids I've seen online but this one is ... read more