an awesome idea from a young entrepreneur

This is a spectacular example of what a young money maker can achieve if he/just takes a look at their surroundings and decides to act on what they would want to see! This is just one of many innovative ideas for kids I've seen online but this one is ... read more

chilling on a sub

When you're chilling post-sub and it feels like you can't breathe anymore from sheer boredom, what do you do? I like to get creative! I like to punish my laptop a bit with renders! And then I play some rimworld. read more

when there's some shit to do

but you don't wanna. you want to put away the asthray, and the smell that accompanies it - the one on your fingers, in your moustache - oh wait you shaved that off a week ago. fuck. when there's shit to do in the scary outside, scary because it's boring ... read more

why young entrepreneurs give up

Hey guys, how’s it going? I was racking my brain about what my first post should be about, so I chose a topic that really hit me in the right place at one stage. I wanted to lay out what makes me want to be a successful entrepreneur and th... read more

awesome sites for learning shit

How’s it going guys? I was thinking that since I’ve written an article on tips to making money young and websites to learn how to do so, that it would be pretty cool to focus on the head on your shoulders this time around. What I mean by that... read more