January 12th, 2019

there once was this man who was sweet it was sickly. he would help the poor, the rich and the inbetweens. he was cool with everyone, and they with him - to me he was a person always ripe, show me another example and i'll accept that as normal.

he helped one too many one day, and seemed to get himself involved with some dark shit. the mafia were on him for a promise he made, before learning what he had to do what cause grief on others. it turns out the bad boys in town didn't take rejection nicely, so rejected his rejection they did.

what to do? so much hot water! he looked to and fro for some help, and set on finding some in a good friend's advice:
after hearing his tale, his friend then regaled:

"you're much too venal for this world, my dear tom. it seems you're from another time."

tom retorted with a grunt of some sort, a huff if you will and then he snorted:

"you'd say yes too
if they offered to you
a package which brings many glee

but if i expand
that the package in hand
was chockers full of ecstasy."