why young entrepreneurs give up

October 9th, 2018

Hey guys, how’s it going? I was racking my brain about what my first post should be about, so I chose a topic that really hit me in the right place at one stage. I wanted to lay out what makes me want to be a successful entrepreneur and the very many ways that one can lose sight of that dream so I decided on riffing from this image. I’m 24 years old and fresh out of college and I know I only have two options; either work my butt off in the advertising and marketing/promotions field (which I’m actually currently doing) for a long oolong time or work my butt off for only a few years while I’m building up my own company. I’vet chosen the latter and have faced quite a few obstacles in my short, single year of trying to make it in the business world. Let me explain these obstacles and pitfalls in entrepreneurship to you. Leta’s do this.

  1. Entrepreneurs who expect immediate results are destined to give up hope. Expecting instant gratification could be the death of a new and what could be lucrative business. Good things take time; it takes time for people to discover you, it takes time for people to trust your brand and it takes time to attract the right people, be it customers or the right people to work behind the scenes. A young entrepreneur needs to be willing to wait it out. If you still have to see results immediately, make your goals self-centric. Make your goals about you.

  2. Entrepreneurs who stop believing in themselves aren’t going to make it far. Success comes in many guises. One of them is failure. True failure is accepted defeat whereas successful failure happens when a lesson is learned from it. You’re going to fail, no matter how hard you try. Everyone fails € “even Michael Jordan who said: and Thomas Edison who said: Read up on the failures of successful businessmen and celebrities in entrepreneur motivational articles€¦ they’re all over the web. Keep your focus set on success even in times of hardship by topping up your motivation.

  3. Entrepreneurs who get stuck in the past will never be able focus on future. It’s very easy to become depressed and get stuck in a rut when thinking about the past, just as it is easy to become anxious thinking about the future. What I find with a lot of people who have awesome ideas for entrepreneurship is that they carry a lot of emotional baggage and problems with their past. This causes them to focus too hard on the past and render them useless when it comes to processing what’s going on in their lives. It makes them incapable of seeing the future and this can be quite a problem when you’re trying to make money young. You have a long road ahead of you€¦ you need to focus! If you find yourself in this situation, you should look into meditation to eliminate those worries

  4. Entrepreneurs who dwell on mistakes can’t see their successes in a true light. I can’t repeat this enough: Everyone makes mistakes. The quicker you come to terms with that, the quicker you can succeed as an entrepreneur. Seriously. If you believe in your idea and you’re doing something new, bold and innovative it just goes without saying that you’re going to make mistakes. And even if you’re not doing something new, you’re going to make many mistakes and that’s a good thing.

  5. Entrepreneurs who fear the future will never be able to seize style=\"color: #ff6600; \">opportunities. s not the future you’re afraid of, it’s repeating the past that makes you anxious.€ If this sounds like you then reread number four. Making mistakes is a way of learning, you’ll make mistakes again and again, but you’ll do it better every single time. Fearing the future is simply fearing failure and that’s not something a young money maker is entitled to if they want to be a successful entrepreneur one day. Knowing your fears but overcoming them is the definition of being a motivated entrepreneur.

  6. Entrepreneurs who believe in their weaknesses will always see them as permanent instead of strengthening them. You might be a programmer who doesn’t know how to create content or a content creator who doesn’t know an alt tag from a div, either way you shouldn’t worry about your weaknesses. If your weak point is something that’s bothering you “ fear not! “ for there are so many resources you can utilize to strengthen them. In a race to success between “natural talent” and determination“ determination always wins. If you watch any entrepreneur motivation speakers in videos on youtube, TED and such; you’ll see that all of them talk about the work behind the success. To top up your motivation, I suggest you actually watch those types of videos. Read some entrepreneur motivation books and quotes while you’re at it too.

  7. Entrepreneurs who feel the world owes them something are destined for disenchantment and disdain for world. If the world owed everyone something, it would have nothing left to give to you now would it? From the moment we’re born until we pass, it will always be the individual against the world. Now, this isn’t something to get sad about “ it’s just the way it is. The world is designed to serve only itself “ but not to worry “ if you know how to work hard enough and influence people, you can have your world serving you. All this means is the world serves those who work hard and those who don’t; serve the world

  8. Entrepreneurs who fear failure more than they desire success won’t be able to enjoy style=\"color: #ff6600;\">success when it comes. How does the fear of failure trump the desire to succeed? is a question you might be asking “ and if you are, congratulations! you’re one of the very few who can’t comprehend fear getting away from you in such a way. Pat yourself on the back, you’re a minority in the world of young entrepreneurs. For the rest of us, the fear of failure comes as a natural reaction to the fear or excitement of what is to come in the event that you succeed. Let me elaborate: if all you do is dream of the riches of success, you’ll fear not being able to achieve that and on the inverse if all you do is dwell on what you’ll be losing if you fail then the good things to come simply never will. The riches of success won’t come to those who fear it success is a fickle friend like that.

  9. Entrepreneurs who feel they something to lose should know that there’s also something to gain. Make this your mantra.

  10. Entrepreneurs who assume their problems are unique will always believe that the world is against them. The odds are very against you that your problems are unique. Every entrepreneur will face the same problems only on a different scale. Bills overdue? Clients late on payments? Employees not performing well? Guess what? Every entrepreneur will face these problems (and many, many more) in their endeavors. To understand what it means to know what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, just check dictionary.com’s #1 entry for the definition of the word entrepreneur: > A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. Considerable initiative and risk. Due to the fact that dictionaries need to be objective, the true definition hasn’t been properly given here. I want to correct this for you. The use of the word considerable here means an absolute shit-ton€ of initiative and metric fuck-ton of risk. Everything relies on the entrepreneur for things to run smoothly and with that sort of responsibility comes a lot of problems. Don’t worry though, they’re not unique not even in the slightest! There are petabytes (no exaggeration€¦ ok maybe a bit of exaggeration) of articles and information out there on all of the problems that entrepreneurs face. A lot of them give the solution too. This doesn’t mean you should rely on other peoples anecdotes and formulas, you should keep learning your way but use these as walkthroughs on your quest to success.

  11. Entrepreneurs who see failure as the signal to turn back will be forever turning back. I’ve mentioned too many times to count now that failure is inevitable. If you turn back every time you fail instead of pushing on then you’ll always be turning back. There’s no way around this fact. Your only options in the event of failure are: to change your strategy, boost your productivity (and do much more than you have been), get advice or simply harden up and push forward. Haha, I wrote this article out before I went digging for images and I pretty much said the same thing MJ did. There is no turning back for a young entrepreneur who has committed to a plan. You need to see it to its end whether it ends in complete failure or absolute success. Turning back will train you and your mind to always turn back at the first sign of any trouble. Push on.

  12. Entrepreneurs who feel sorry for themselves will repel the people they need the most. Nobody wants to be around people who bring them down. People who feel sorry for themselves naturally expect others to pity them and take things easy on them. If you’re looking for a natural people repellent look no further! Remember what I said about it being every individual against the world (Number 7)? Let’s go by that logic: If I’m here for me and you’re here for you and you’re doing nothing but expecting me to serve your world€¦ why should I stick around? Why would I associate with someone who’s keeping me from my dreams? If you want to attract people who have no dreams and simply want to exist not thrive or flourish then this might be the way to go. But if you want to be a motivated entrepreneur you might want to attract other motivated entrepreneurs. I mean, you wouldn’t hang out with basketball players all day if all you wanted was to be a professional baseball player right? Well, motivated people don’t hang out with downers either and those are the people you need most.