200 words a day? why not

January 10th, 2019

so i discovered a website called 200wordsaday.com and I have to say it's a pretty good idea. I suppose I can say it's a mix between github and twitter. it's a bit like github in that you have a streak-box (I don't know what the fuck that's called actually, but it's... just imagine a bunch of small boxes giving you a visual representation of the days you've written (or in github's case; worked on something - pull requests and commits and the like).

and just like twitter, it's all out in the open. it's a great idea to have like-minded people (along with the pressure of it all, of course) pushing you toward your goal.

200 words a day seems like an attainable goal but I want to add my own spin to it:

no passing 200

when i come across a word i don't know, or a concept i want to understand i'm just going to write about it

it's a great idea, but as with everything I love doing things on my own - so i'll be doing shit here. i'm either a lone wolf or a dickhead i dunno, but i'm just about to hit that arbitrary goal... now.