i’m memz erkekli

that’s as me as I get. #nofilter

i work passionately on

and its many projects

i’m a project manager by nature

but in my 12 years in the digital space i’ve been a graphic designer, seo campaigns manager, analytics advisor, content manager, digital assets manager, social media manager, blogger, comms manager, web developer, video editor, vfx artist, brand manager, product manager and a lot of other things that don’t really have a title 🙂

i’ve worked with a few awesome agencies; mostly in australia, turkey, and poland (but also sweden, usa, france and south africa)

before i found my niche in digital marketing, i kept myself busy as:

a yoghurt maker, barista, house painter, cafe manager, warehouse pick-packer, business manager, photographer, shop clerk, bartender, quality assurance dude, mechanics’ assistant and more

and i reckon those jobs gave me the experience to do what i do now, even better!

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