I want to

I want to breathe with you, feed the seagulls with you. I love that good ol' tomato sauce. You know they call it ketchup everywhere else? I want to play tennis with you, get aced by you. I want to walk with you, talk with you. Melt away candles with you. I want to wax...

A glimmer of hope

A good day, a chill night to some is just happenstance. It's nothing, it's an "oh I just had a night in" at the water cooler the next day. For others, though, it signifies the hope of an escape from an all-consuming void. For me it's not happenstance, coincidence,...

Wistful thinking

I don't know what makes someone wistful but what I do know is that I am. The times, the cheer, the joy we had was the culmination of pure cheer, joy, and time.

sometimes you breathe

sometimes you learn again how to breathe. then you breathe some more. then you think about all the people that make you grateful. then you smile some more. breathe.

Hey you

Yes you, my single reader... I don't know how to express myself with you or with anyone for that matter. But especially you. You're like a breath of fresh air when all there is to consume is fire. You're absolutely something else and you so don't know that yet do you?...

here goes my 3rd attempt at the witcher

All done with work stuff, nighty night Bigg, nighty night Garaj and hush for now Konsoll. It's time to play a game. Steam Summer Sale wtf, 14 TL for Witcher 3 - OK. Bought it but seems I have Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 Haha! OK TIme to Play Witcher 3 anyway. Let's do...

Time flows differently when

Time flows differently when you're at sea. Time means nothing and everything. Time is not a limit nor a constraint, but simply something to enjoy. Time has no meaning out here but it kinda does, too.

The naked man fears no pickpocket

The naked man fears no pickpocket Nor does an honest man, rumours Nor does a hardworking man fear conspiracists Nor a faithful man tempation I fear nothing because I have nothing that's mine to lose. I fear nothing because there's nothing to be gained by...

Burn baby burn

Burn the midnight oil. Hop on producthunt to get that inspiration. Tell yourself you got this. Really believe it. No, like really really believe it. You got this.