A strong mother

by | May 6, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

A “strong mother” is not as noticeable as a “strong” or “successful father” and that lies in the reality that women aren’t as ready to embellish their accomplishments as men.

My mother, for example, has gone through the most hellish two years and is still ever-alert and vigilant to the woes and troubles of her children and spouse (and also most recently, an ex daughter-in-law with a now one year old surprise and a new daughter-in-law with a little surprise on its way.)

She’s the strongest person and I know, and I admire her not only for her struggles but for what she brings to this world.

The world (or just life) has taken almost everything from her but she continues to be bring positivity to this world. She’s gone through being forcefully separated from her loved ones, cancer scares, loss, financial hardship and experiencing the struggles of her children yet she keeps bringing beauty to this world.

She continues to look after people and animals in need. She continues to give support wherever she can. She continues to keep humble but with her head high and eyes forward.

Her name is Aysel (Asiye) Erkekli and in proud of her more than I am of any accomplishment or stupid business I have.