The ship of Funhaus…eus

by | Apr 16, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Funhaus is a YouTube channel that helped me out a lot through my first break-up with my now ex wife (she was my girlfriend then). I had just come to know James, Adam, Bruce, Lawrence, Joel and Spoole while they were on their last legs at Inside Gaming. I remember I was at my parents’ house – bedridden and stuck in a malaise, clamouring for something to click and finalise the latest of my depressions.

They made the switch and with a gusto! And it was as exciting as those first few dates with a new woman that you just click with. They moved office, they were their own bosses now (to some degree, I mean they were calling the shots re: content, anyway) and they took off with a bang! It was so exciting to see them grow and connect in a vastly different way to their time at IG. It felt like I had another family to hold my hand through this phase of my life. I connected with each member in a different and wholesome way, and that brings me to what’s been on my mind lately.

You see, the original cast of Funhaus have almost all moved on. The only remaining member from the original few is James, and another member who joined almost right at the start (also my favourite of them all); Elyse.

There’s a slew of new members who are awesome, funny and entertaining – Jon and Ryan being my favourites of the new lot. But it has me thinking if I’ve become enamoured with the channel or its members. What is a channel, a brand, a company if not the parts – or in this case the people – which it’s comprised of?

If you remove all of the original hosts is Funhaus still Funhaus?

I don’t know but I’m still happily watching.