What is the “real” truth?

by | Apr 25, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Imagine a program that just learns to find the truth. You don’t feed it any seed info, you just let it do it’s thing.

Now imagine you had many of these programs, meticulously searching for the truth day in and day out. It would take them a while to find out.

Maybe their search will begin with a simple query like “who is the greatest actor of all time?” or “what is the worst smell known to man?”

According to what would these programs set their parameters? IMDB? Letterboxd? A forum of fragrance lovers – or in this case, haters?

With the near infinite trove of information to parse and the almost as plenty differing opinions, I think it’s safe to say that two programs searching for the same answer might come to different conclusions.

So that brings us to this question: what is the “real” truth? Does it even exist?

I’m of the opinion that the truth depends on multiple factors. I think a single “real” truth simply doesn’t exist.