Video Editing

Video editing is my absolute passion! I love to just sit at my workstation all day to get that perfect cut!

    It all started when my friends and I had an idea to start a YouTube channel, I went straight for the big guns and subscribed to Adobe Premiere Pro. It was love at first sight!

    I don't really do it for the money (although it does help with my Adobe subscription :) ) but if you want, you can hire me on PeoplePerHour.

I have a few videos on Vimeo & YouTube.

To put it short; I frickin love editing videos, I love every aspect of video editing, from short cuts to feature length films (I've never been commissioned to edit a feature film, just hobby stuff). I'm the typical video editor who loves editing at night, focusing on every little aspect of a video, all alone in front of my computer with a big ol' project in front of me.